Terribly terrible

Unfortunately it seems there will be a longer delay than expected in restoring this site as my database archive has been corrupted somewhere along the line. Luckily there is very little that doesn't exist somewhere else in either some type of backup or in some other format. However it is spread around quite widely and it will take some time to gather and re-enter it all. I will try and focus on restoring a few specific pages that get the most page hits over the weekend.

My apologies if you were looking for something that isn't here right now.

Making dropTarget work how its supposed to

One of the things that bugs me about ActionScript 3 is how otherwise perfectly simple Sprite drag and drop is crippled by the way dropTarget works.

Autobiography Project

Created for a post-grad module I did, the brief was to create an autobiography using multimedia technologies. Not wanting to show myself in it, I chose to focus on the main aspects to my life using Flash, video and photography.

There is no preloader, so expect a pause before it starts.


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